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Screen printing is an affordable method for decorating t-shirts, polo’s, hoodies, caps, and so much more.  We offer the highest quality services available.  With the use of our multi-color presses and thermal imaging setter for perfect registration, we can print your custom logo or artwork onto just about any apparel product out there.  


If you’re looking for something more corporate/professional, then embroidered apparel is the decoration of choice.  With the low set up cost related to stitch count, it provides great value compared with the set up costs of screen printing.  


For all your apparel needs, please visit our website @

20211215_132429 (1)
20210310_134419 copy
Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 3.02.59 PM
RSC4 Cap Image
Website Screen Image (USS Milius) copy
Website Embroidery Image (COMSUBRON11 Cap Blue)
Website Screen Milius front
Website Embroidery Image (Cordiano Winery Cap)
Website Embroidery Image (USS Pasadena Drill Team Cap)
Website Embroidery Polo (Mtn Crest)
Website Screen Images (4 shirts)
Website Embroidery Polo (PSDM)
Website Embroidery Polo (PSDM Black)
Website Embroidery Cap (back spartan)
Website Embroidery Cap (Pasadena frumpy)
Website Embroidery Cap (SLC)
Website Screen Image (Sham TShirt) copy
Website Embroidered Image (Polo Shirts Assorted)
Website Screen Image (Assorted TShirts)
Website Embroidery Image (USS Pasadena Cap Blue&Gold)
Website Embroidery Image (COMSUBRON11 Cap Khaki)
Website Embroidery Image (USS Alexandria Cap)
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